Friday, June 29, 2012

Cool Girls Get Cancer Weekend Shopping Splurge: Chambray Shirts

Welcome to the first installment of 
C.G.G.C. Weekend Shopping Splurge!

After surgery, especially a bilateral mastectomy, it's going to be a while before you'll be able to lift your arms and you will quickly discover that much of your wardrobe, even t-shirts, are hard to wear in the beginning.

The solution: Button-down shirts

Button-downs are classic and should be a staple of any cool girls wardrobe whether you have cancer or not. Since my surgery I've been stocking my closet with more and more. In fact, they're like the one item, besides a good striped t-shirt, I am constantly on the look-out for. You can wear them to work, on the weekends, with shorts, with skirts, on the get the idea.

Button-down shirts are always sexy even though you're rarely showing a lot of skin. And anyone with great style knows it's far better to leave something to the imagination rather than to bare all.

Chambray has always been a classic summer fabric but this year in particular, it's kind of "the" trend.

Case in point: an Olsen

an olsen twin wearing chambray

Looks like Ashley but I can't be sure. She looks effortlessly chic. Casual yet neat. Closing up one button more will keep you from feeling self-conscious without sacrificing a bit of cool. If you're having reconstruction, and depending on your final size, you can probably wear it exactly as shown. Remember: After reconstruction you won't have to consider the "sag factor" the way you did with your old body!

Here's another great chambray look worn by Ricky Lauren, wife of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren. Chambray + Ralph = Classic Cool

Ricky and Ralph Lauren

Check out these great chambray picks for yourself:

Buy here: Madewell //J. Crew // J. Brand // Mih Jeans // Preen

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