Friday, July 20, 2012

C.G.G.C Weekend Shopping Splurge: Pajamas

By now you know I firmly believe in button-down shirts for not only being classically cool but also as the perfect solution for your changing body and limited arm mobility after surgery.

One of the best gifts I got was from my friend Meg who gave me a pair of blue ticking stripe Ralph Lauren pajamas. While I was still in the hospital, the standard-issue gown was the most practical for allowing doctors and nurses easy access, but once I got home, her gift was a life-saver. I don't think I changed out of them for a whole week!

Make sure to buy 2 or 3 pairs before your surgery and don't get anything fancy or ruffly. A classic men's look is not only cool but ideal. They should have a button-down front, generous armhole, and a drawstring or light elastic waist.  

I originally thought I would just wear my awesome Nike Dri-fit training pants and a t-shirt. The t-shirt was an immediate no-no since I couldn't raise my arms more than 6" but it was also super painful to pull the Nikes up and down every time I went to the bathroom. The high spandex content in work-out gear is needed to keep everything in place but those garments surprisingly required far too much strength for me to maneuver post-op.

Additionally, since I wasn't moving around very much during my recovery, I used jumbo safety-pins to attach my drains to the waistband of the pants and tucked them into the top of my underwear. Not an ideal solution but it did the trick.  

I'm certain I can design something better...

Here are this week's picks for cool summer pajamas:

1-Marigot Classic Long Pajama // 2-Marigot Lorient Short Pajama Set // 3-Eberjey // 4-Piamata Isabella Pajama // 5-Donna Karan Sateen Classic Pajama Set

Once you're able raise your arms over your head you obviously can wear anything you want but man-tailored pj's on a woman are sexy.

Split up the set and wear the bottoms with a tank or you can be like this chic woman during Paris Fashion Week and wear them out and about!

via Mister Mort

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