Friday, August 3, 2012

C.G.G.C Weekend Shopping Splurge: Statement Necklaces

If you're having reconstruction with tissue expanders, your constantly changing silhouette will require you to re-work your wardrobe styling nearly every time the plastic surgeon blows you up.

I'm fairly short (5'2") and there's not a lot of surface area for these growing globes to occupy so after four inflations, my boobs look and feel like they're jammed against my collarbone. The plastic surgeon assures me they will sit much lower when all is said and done but for now they have what I refer to as the "Baywatch Bump."

(You know what I mean...that very defined, protruding perimeter you see on super skinny women who go from an A to a D. It kind of looks like a cantaloupe vacuum-sealed in latex.)  

Basically, they don't look so natural and I've become increasingly self-conscious of this temporary distortion. I've been wearing my beloved button-down shirts and clothes with much higher necklines but my silhouette is awry and it offends my sense of good taste!

The Solution:  Statement Necklaces

Necklaces add a layer of camouflage to your upper area. Anyone looking at you will simply be mesmerized by the tangled web of sparkly, shimmering objects rather than fixating on the buxom milkmaid action that's happening up top. Longer necklaces will also draw the eye down, helping to lengthen and stretch your overall appearance.

This one can be tricky though since with each inflation there will be renewed tenderness and sensitivity and anything too heavy or bulky may hurt. For at least 5-6 weeks post-op, the thought of anything resting on my chest was inconceivable but as the muscles stretched to accommodate the expanders, the pain subsided. The recovery after each inflation is much, much faster; essentially one or two days max. You're going to have to try out different options and lighter jewelry probably makes more sense. One of my favorite necklaces is something I bought at J. Crew Kids for a mere $16.

If you're into color, this one on Olivia Palermo is kind of gorgeous and it's definitely a lot of statement. You can easily wear this over a plain t-shirt or any basic shell top with a crew neckline.

via: Classy In The City

Here are this week's picks for cool statement necklaces:
(clearly I'm feeling green!)

buy here:  1-J. Crew // 2-Marni // 3-Orly Genger // 4-Marni // 5-Dannijo

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