Friday, September 21, 2012

C.G.G.C Weekend Shopping Splurge: Light-Weight Scarves

My reconstruction surgery was Tuesday and because this post was actually written 4 days before you're reading it live, it's sort of been chilling-out in a nebulous multiverse over which I get to be the master.

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. No mater how old I get, I'm always filled with that back-to-school kind of excitement which ushers in a renewed sense of well as a long (aka: compulsive) to-do list!

Until the "Big Reveal" I anticipate wearing light-weight scarves draped around my neck for the crisp Fall days ahead. Cotton and light-weight wool are more modern and comfortable than silk. Back in July, at the behest of my Italian friend while we were shopping together in Florence, Italy, I bought an oversized, double-layer silk scarf. While the bold, irregular polka dot pattern spliced together with an abstract graphic floral in dark navy and off-white is very cool, it feels a little fussy every time I go to put it on. Not to mention that 3 yards of silk wrapped around one's neck can get quite hot and steamy (cotton and wool breathe much better.)

My favorite scarf of all-time is my muted aqua/grey, cotton block-print "Dupatta" from Matta. I left it once at LGA airport going through security and returned a week later to retrieve it from the nice lady who held it for me. Some things are worth going the distance...heh, heh.  I've included a few below.

Here are this week's picks for cool light-weight scarves:

1-Matta Wool Dupatta // 2-Matta Cotton/Silk Dupatta // 3-J. Crew Wool Leopard Print // 4-Mulberry Wool/Cashmere Tiger Print // 5-Chan Luu Cashmere/Silk Gauze // 6-Khadi & Co. Handspun Wool shawl

P.S. that J. Crew Leopard one...mine...

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