Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Emma Stone and Halle Berry Talk About Breast Cancer in Revlon PSA

In preparation for Breast Cancer Awareness month and the slew of events, fundraisers, and programs that will take place, Revlon has teamed-up with Halle Berry and Emma Stone to make a PSA about the importance of early detection. The campaign, "Your Lips Can Save Lives," encourages women to talk more openly about breast cancer.

Sometimes it feels a little icky when celebrities lend their names to genuinely good causes. I'm often scratching my head wondering what P.R. maven thinks we won't notice when they're pandering to our better moral selves but Halle Berry and Emma Stone are not only beautiful, they are also modern, smart, relatable women.

Emma Stone's mother happens to be a triple-negative breast cancer survivor and at only 23-years old, she most certainly understands her own risk for developing the disease. Hopefully her popularity and poise will encourage other young women to ask the important questions of the women in their families in order to be advocates for their own health.

Please watch the 30-second spot below and pass the message along:

Visit Revlon Cares for more information.

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  1. When celebs are themselves afflicted, or have family memebers afflicted with a serious illness, change happens. I think its great to see responsible messages being put out to the public to help save lives.