Friday, November 2, 2012

C.G.G.C Weekend Shopping Splurge: DONATE!

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You've probably noticed that I haven't done my usual Friday weekend shopping splurge posts all Pinktober. Truthfully, I couldn't stomach the thought of asking people to buy anything when I was so disgusted with the relentless pandering and fakery of the retail community all month long myself.

Being that today is the first Friday in November, I was looking forward to making a fresh start with some great Fall recommendations, but then Sandy reared her ugly head and...well...promoting frivolous shopping right now quite simply seems to be in poor taste. 

(Apparently however, my opinion isn't shared by all. I happened to walk by Barney's on Tuesday while enjoying a moment of reprieve from the doldrums of my dark, waterless apartment and not only was it open for business, it was not at all empty.)

Instead, I'd like to recommend making a $15, $25, or $50 donation to one of the below non-profit organizations which are equipped to most effectively channel funds to the right places.  

There are plenty of generous people who have not been affected by cancer themselves who donate regularly to cancer charities. Without these donations, people like myself might not have been on the receiving end of the excellent care I was afforded by the NYU Langone Cancer Institute. If you've been following the news, you'll know that NYU Hospital's back-up generator failed during the storm but that all 300 patients, including infants in the NICU, were transferred safely and efficiently to nearby city hospitals because of the stellar medical staff who remained calm and executed the seamless transfer.

In the wake of the Lance Armstrong scandal or the Susan G. Komen fall-out, it's hard to know which charities to trust unfortunately.  I'm recalling how after Katrina, I donated to Comic Relief where I think the money was properly allocated vs. my donation to Wyclef's Yele Haiti organization after the devastation from the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck the island in 2010. In retrospect, my money probably went into the pockets of those in charge of running the charity rather than helping the already severely impoverished citizens of Wyclef's native country.

I made a donation online to NYU but here are some other reputable organizations you can support as well.

And if you want to literally do some heavy lifting, you can volunteer directly in NYC by emailing:

Consider your contribution a way to pay it forward.

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